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Our Story


The story starts in 2014, with two friends who believed in positively changing and popularising the game of chess.


We first started as just an online PDF and PGN magazine.


After two years and little progress, one friend decided to leave the magazine behind and pursue his professional career.

The other was simply unable to throw away his passion and decided to pursue it until the very end. He finally obtain his personal ambitions of the Grandmaster title in September 2016 before deciding to enter the "real world”.

After much pressure he finally decided to give the normal life a go. However, he felt no joy nor enthusiasm and decided to return to the chess world he felt he belonged in.

Everyone grows up being told to follow their passion but somewhere along the way that message starts to fade.

A wise goose once discovered that, "There is no secret ingredient". This is so true and with the core values instilled from the game: hard work, persistence, resourcefulness and self-belief, he decided to push on.

Finally in October 2017, progress was made! He reached two major milestones. Firstly, the first ever printed edition and then a digital app for both Android and iOS was released. It became the first Australian chess publication to reach a global audience.


As one Chapter ends, so another begins.

Who we are

A group of the most dedicated and passionate chess people you will ever meet.


GM Moulthun Ly

Founder & Editor


GM Ian Rogers

International tournaments and major events


GM Max Illingworth

Opening surveys and reports

IM Junta Ikeda

Problem & Studies

IM Chris Wallis


David Koetsier

Junior Chess

IM Guy West

History, Humour and Trivia

Guest Masters

Guest articles from strong players