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April 2015 Digital

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* Tata Steel: Ari Dale shares his thoughts on playing one of the world's strongest tournament
* Moscow Open: We turn up the heat on interviewing Ernesto Inarkiev on his win
* Knights Theme: IM Junta Ikeda’s studies are sure to keep you up all (k)night
* Akim Cup: Moulthun Ly shares his thoughts on a unique rapid tournament in Kazakhstan
* Baden Baden: GM Ian Rogers covers yet another Magnus Carlsen victory
* Reykjavik Pub Quiz
* Trendy Tries in the Grunfeld Part 2 by GM Max Illingworth
* Stop Losing Motivation: IM Andrew Brown delves into what really keeps us interested in chess
* Queen Endings via Promotion: Interesting queen endings by FM Chris Wallis
* Wonderful World of Chess: Column for rookies