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August 2014 Digital First Edition

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Our very first issue of 50 Moves which came out in Digital Web format.

* We catch up to interview Justin Tan about his recent European adventures and what's behind his recent success.
* GM Ian Rogers takes us through the key moments which decided the 2014 World Rapid and Blitz.
* The Ragozin has been a popular system for Black at the top level and GM Max Illingworth takes us through it.
* Olympiad Preview: We chat with GM David Smerdon, WIM Giang Nguyen and Open Team Captain Manuel Weeks about the Australian Team and their expectations.
* Studies and Problems: The first installment by IM Junta Ikeda
* Learn how to hold or convert rook endgames with FM Chris Wallis
* IM Guy West takes a look at some humourous aspects of our beloved game
* 20 moves: Entertaining miniatures by IM Andrew Brown