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August 2015 Digital

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* Norway Chess where Topa Tops and Carlsen Flops: A most remarkable Super-Tournament covered by GM Ian Rogers
* Evelyn Koshnitsky Memorial Chess Festival
* GM Hrant Melkumyan spoke with us after a Winter of chess in Australia
* Open Wrap: Key moments from the QLD, NSW and VIC opens
* John's Putra Jets Camp: Two of Australia's promising young talents reflect on their experience at the annual national training squad
* Dominating the Queen Studies by IM Junta Ikeda, they are a little easier this time!
* Petursson, the GM who rode the financial tiger
* Oceania Zonal where Max Illingworth and Emma Guo won their first Zonal titles in Sydney
* Walter Shawn Browne: Douglas Hamilton reflects on the life of Australia's first GM
* Wrap up of Queen Endings by FM Chris Wallis
* WIM Heather Richards travelled to the land of the rising sun in May
* Opening Secrets of Blitz Specialists with GM Max Illingworth