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December 2014 Digital

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* World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand: Game by Game Analysis
* The Caruana Story: Ian Rogers chats with Fabiano Caruana after his impressive win at the Sinquefield Cup
* Promotion Studies: IM Junta Ikeda goes through thousands to pick out some gems on this theme
* Evelyn Koshnitsky Tribute: Written tributes to a beloved Australian who contributed greatly to the development of women's chess
* Australian Open interview: A chat with the young organising team
* Chess Train: Ian Rogers takes a ride through Europe playing one of the funnest tournaments
* h3 Najdorf Part 2: GM Max Illingworth finishes his two part series on this trendy new system
* Endgames: FM Chris Wallis continues his series on rook endgames
* Tour Time: Go through Europe with FM Chris Wallis
* A Tale of Two Cities: Lubomir Ftacnik gives his insights on coaching Australia in the 2013 and 2014 World Youths