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February 2015 Digital

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* New Zealand Open: Action from the event in Auckland
* Interview with the recent winner of the NZ Open, Zhao Xue
* Another set of six intriguing studies by IM Junta Ikeda, this time on zugzwang
* Australian Open: GM Ian Rogers takes us through Ni Hua’s sky high performance game by game
* His Untold Story: IM James Morris shares his thoughts on progress over the past year
* Trendy Tries in the Grunfeld: GM Max Illingworth takes a look at new ideas cropping up in this popular response to 1.d4
* Rooks and Queens: Some fascinating rook and queen endings by FM Chris Wallis
* Schachuhr Serendipity: IM Guy West tells a very humourous tale of his beloved chess clock
* Australian Masters GM Event: A look at the event at Box Hill Chess Club with analysis of the most interesting games