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October 2014 Digital

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* Olympiad report: See all the exciting games and crucial moments by GM Ian Rogers and GM Moulthun Ly
* Three ways to beat an IM: GM Max Illingworth goes through the common mistakes made at this level and how to exploit them
* Just Another Step: Interview with Australia's youngest and best performing team member Anton Smirnov whom secured his International Master title at the Olympiad
* 100th Member of Chigorin Club: Carlsen’s losses saw two new members join the club
* h3 Najdorf Part 1: A new and trendy approach to meet the Najdorf in this two part series by GM Max Illingworth
* Six amazing stalemate themed studies by IM Junta Ikeda
* FM Chris Wallis continues his thorough examination of rook and pawn endings
* Self Imposed Limitations in Chess by IM Andrew Brown